The GOLF Tank is the ultimate “think tank” for all things golf. We will save you the time of running to look us up in the dictionary:


  1. The ultimate think tank for golf products and technologies.
  2. An entity with an extensive Rolodex and industry knowledge


  1. An investor to acquire or inject capital in those opportunities in which it can have a dramatic affect

The team at The GOLF Tank has been in the golf space for a combined 85 years and have been pitched all kinds of crazy ideas. After a while we realized that these great ideas typically need the same three things:

Capital, Rolodex, and Strategic Marketing:

The Golf Tank is very fortunate to be able to offer all three of these to any golf inventor, entrepreneur or group that simply had the idea light bulb go off and now needs to figure out how to go to market. You will find that we are quite thorough on vetting any idea submissions like the next great social app, putter, training aid, eCommerce platform or whatever else you might come up. Go ahead and submit it to us, it’s what we do.

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